Spray Foam Insulation for Lofts

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The Benefits of Choosing Spray Foam Insulation

There are a wide range of insulators to choose from, which can make deciding on the best option for you a little difficult. At Warmaroof, we’re confident that spray foam insulation should always be your first choice.

Why Choose Spray Foam Insulation?

  • There’s Different Spray Foam Insulations to Choose From – There are two types of spray foam insulation available, open cell spray foam and closed cell spray foam. In commercial and industrial environments, we choose closed cell. In domestic environments, we choose open cell. This means that it isn’t simply a case of there only being one type of spray foam insulation on offer. A great benefit of choosing spray foam insulation is that you know the ideal type will be used, which ensures the best results.
  • It Works Well – Though there are a range of insulators to choose from, very few work as well as spray foam. As spray foam expands when it is installed, all gaps and exposed areas are closed. These are often left open when other types of insulation are used. By choosing spray foam, you are choosing an insulator that is well worth the money that it costs. You won’t be disappointed by the results.
  • It Can Reduce Heating Bills – As spray foam is such a great insulator, it can go a long way towards reducing the cost of heating a building. Whether you’re a domestic or commercial customer, spray foam can lead to you having reduced energy costs. This is because it insulates well enough that less heating is required and less heat is lost.
  • It’s Long Lasting – Whereas some forms of insulation have a short lifespan, this isn’t something that you’ll need to worry about with spray foam. Spray foam insulation is long lasting, making it a fantastic investment for both domestic and commercial spaces.

If those benefits have convinced you to find out more about spray foam insulation, we’re on hand to help. At Warmaroof, we’re able to provide spray foam insulation services to those who need it. To find out more about who we are and what we do. Contact us today and speak to a dedicated member of the team.

BASF Spray Foam Insulation

BASF spray foam loft insulation is an effective air barrier insulation, minimising heat loss and air infiltration through walls and ceilings, thus preventing drafts, cold spots and energy loss, suitable for every home. The insulation ensures the humid air from both inside and outside is restricted from entering walls and ceilings and condensing, thereby minimising the possibility of moisture entrapment and damp build-up.

BASF spray foam insulation was Established in 1986. More than 3 billion broad feet of BASF spray foam insulation has been used, in more than 300,000 residential, commercial and countless prestigious projects.


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