Do I Need a Commercial EPC?

Do I Need a Commercial EPC?

Commercial Energy Performance Certificates  given as the result of an energy assessment on your commercial property. They indicate what you’re doing well? How you’re rated between A and G (‘A’ is highest rating). And they suggest measures of improvement to get your rating up.

Whilst an EPC can be useful, you have to ask yourself, do I need a commercial EPC?


Selling your commercial property

Whether it’s offices, warehouse space or specialist facilities, you required by law to obtain and openly display your commercial EPC when making a sale. The EPC must be shown on any property listings, and failure to make the certificate available to any prospective buyer could land you with a fine of up to £5,000.


Renting out business premises

It’s very common for rented premises to change hands frequently, but that doesn’t mean you need to get a new EPC each time there’s a new tenant. An EPC for landlords is valid for 10 years.

If you refurbish your commercial property, and the number of parts used for separate occupation has changed, or there have been changes to the HVAC system. It’s likely you’ll need a new EPC.


Building new commercial facilities

A commercial EPC required for a new build project, but the timing is more sensitive. The property or properties should assessed at the time when the construction is just finished, so that the EPC is most accurate.


Do I need a commercial EPC on display?

Whilst the rules for renting, selling and building state that you must present the EPC to a prospective buyer at the earliest opportunity and before any viewing takes place, the terms for displaying the certificate are a little different.

You must display an EPC by fixing it to your commercial building if all these apply:

● The total useful floor area is over 500 square metres

● The building is frequently visited by the public

● An EPC has already been produced for the building’s sale, rental or construction


Do I need a commercial EPC? Some exceptions

The construction, sale or rent of some specialist properties are exempt from the EPC system. They are:

● Buildings due to demolished

● Industrial sites, workshops and agricultural buildings that have a low energy demand

● Detached uninhabited buildings with less than 50m2 of floor space.

● Places of worship

● Temporary buildings to used for under 2 years


What if you don’t have an Energy Performance Certificate?

You are putting yourself at serious risk of being fined, and the amount of that fine will depend on the rateable value of the building. It is either 12.5% of the rateable value, a minimum of £500 or a maximum of £5000 for the fine. To avoid these penalties, you must make the EPC available to any potential buyer or tenant when making a sale or rental.

If you fined, you still require an EPC. So it’s fully worth getting the EPC as soon as possible to avoid the heavy charges.



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