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Finding industry-experienced professionals for your upcoming home insulation project has never been easier. Thanks to our spray foam insulation Birmingham service. For a guarantee of excellence, due diligence. And a team that uses environmentally sourced products from a sustainable supply chain, Warmaroof are the solution


You can use this page as a resource to better understand what our BASF foam insulation is, what the most attractive benefits are? And why Birmingham residents and property owners are picking up the phone to book us in.


Spray Foam Roof Insulation Birmingham service opts for BASF foam insulation because it is an environmentally friendly. Polyurethane-based solution that can be waterblown for its application. Furthermore this material comes in liquid canisters and applied through a hose. Upon which it expands up to 100x its original size over the course of 24-48 hours.

The foam is firm, and provides structural support to walls, roofs and floors, as well as performing its main function – insulation. Insulated from the cold, the heat, sound, pests, mold and condensation. This total barrier lasts for decades.


The spray foam insulation that we use here at Warmaroof called BASF Foam Insulation. Which is polyurethane-based and begins in a liquid form. Before being water-blown onto the area that insulated (usually wall cavities and attic spaces). At which point it expands up to 100 times its original size.

This rapid expansion allows the BASF Foam Insulation to find all of the nooks and crannies for a superior airtight performance.


We’ve listed our favorite benefits, but in truth, there are way more positives to BASF Foam Insulation than just these:

No cold spots – The expanding nature of BASF Foam Insulation means that it fills all gaps with equal strength. Denying the opportunity for cold spots. Furthermore it fills those hard-to-reach spots that other insulation simply can’t access without removing wall sections.

Airtight – No gaps around the edges, and a toughness that makes it difficult to penetrate both allow for an incredibly airtight performance. No more cold air leaks that are commonly found around fiberglass batts.

Consistent temperatures – BASF Foam Insulation insulation works in two ways. It keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Allowing for a pleasant year-round temperature.

Reduced energy usage leads to lower bills – Our spray foam insulation London service has helped to lower utility bills all across London. This done because heat energy is kept within the home. Reducing the pressure on your heating system, as it takes less time to warm the home and does not need to continue working to maintain this temperature. So you can save up to 50% on your heating bills thanks to spray foam insulation!

Moisture barrier – The membrane that stops moisture passing through also stops mould from growing, as it is antimicrobial and antibacterial. As well as being a moisture barrier, it is a pest barrier too, as it is not a source of food to animals. Don’t forget that BASF Foam Insulation is fire-retardant too, meaning it can stop a fire from spreading.

Soundproofing qualities – By insulating your walls and attic space, you will notice a much quieter atmosphere in your home, which could be very desirable if you live near busy roads, construction works or under a flight path.

Eco-friendly – It’s important to us, and to many of our customers, that we are using materials that are not harmful or toxic, and BASF Foam Insulation is one of them. This eco-friendly material contains no nasty chemicals that could do damage to you, your family, or the environment.

25-year warranty – A large percentage of the BASF Foam Insulation applied in new properties over the last couple of decades will exist for as long as the building (if not longer), which is why we have complete trust in the material and offer a 25-year warranty through our spray foam insulation London service.


Let’s face it, Birmingham can be downright cold and wet throughout large parts of the year, and so it can’t be understated just how valuable it is to have effective insulation. In less than two days, you can remove the chance of leakages and cold spots by using our service. We can apply the foam to floors, wall cavities and roofs, turning your home into an adept seal against liquid and air.

‘Next winter won’t be so bad’, we tell ourselves. The truth is, only a great insulation can protect you from the elements.


One thing people hate is middlemen, and so do we, so when you book with Warmaroof, you get Warmaroof. What that also means is that you get a licensed service provider who upholds multiple ISO standards and provides excellent customer service and aftercare.

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