Spray Foam Insulation Bristol

Are those old fibreglass batts in your attic space not doing the trick? Do the winters seem to be getting colder and your heating bills getting larger? Warmaroof are here to propose a simple solution to all of these issues. Our spray foam insulation Bristol service.

What is Spray Foam Insulation?

Our spray foam insulation is made using BASF Foam Insulation, the most durable, modern and eco-friendly insulation material on the market. BASF Foam Insulation has grown in usage and popularity over the last 25 years, with those who installed their insulation decades ago still reaping the benefits of its properties.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of our spray foam insulation Bristol service are considerable when compared alongside other types of insulation, though this extra quality does come with a higher cost.

The benefits include:

  • BBA, ETA and NSAI accreditations that are recognised around the world, including the 30 countries that BASF Foam Insulation is being used regularly in.
  • The material is fire-retardant, and can stop a fire from spreading to the roof in many cases.
  • Not a source of food to animals, and so will discourage pests.
  • BASF Foam Insulation offers advanced soundproofing properties, which can be very useful if you live under a flight path or near a train station.
  • Water blown, so no nasty chemicals that could linger in your home and harm your family.
  • BASF Foam Insulation is inherently airtight, meaning moisture, mould and draughts cannot penetrate its closed cell membrane.
  • Improves your EPC rating, making your home more valuable and more energy efficient, which will in turn reduce your utility bills.

How does it work?

There are two types of spray foam insulation – closed cell, and open cell. Closed cell is a complete barrier, whereas open cell does allow moisture to pass through it (which can be useful in some scenarios). The spray foam is made from polyurethane, and begins in a liquid format, which is then water-blown onto the area that needs insulating – usually lofts or wall cavities.

Once applied, oxygen acts as a catalyst to cause a rapid expansion of around 100x the original size of the BASF Foam Insulation, which then finds its way into every crack and crevice to provide the ultimate airtight performance. Heat loss is reduced by 95%, starting from around 24 hours after application, once it has fully dried and settled.

Why choose the Spray Foam Insulation Bristol Service?

Our Spray Foam Insulation Bristol Service comes as recommended by many local residents because of the due care and attention that we pay to our work.

It is important to us that we always have:

  • All required licenses and ISO standards
  • Maintained and clean spray foam equipment
  • Trained and qualified insulation professionals
  • Experienced teams working on projects
  • High levels of customer service and aftercare advice

We asked our customers for the number one reason they wanted to improve their insulation…

Almost unanimously, we were told that saving money on energy bills was of most importance. The energy companies keep rising the prices, and the winters seem to get colder, so really, making sure your home is energy efficient seems to be the most actionable thing to combat this.

In the winter, heating accounts for more than half of your energy usage, a figure that could be massively reduced with our spray foam insulation Bristol service, in the process halving your winter heating bills.

The initial outlay for spray foam is higher, but this extra cost can be seen as a positive investment as it will be paid off after three or four winters. So, if the major pain point for you is to reduce your energy bills, then ourspray foam insulation Bristol service is the way to go about it.

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