Spray Foam Insulation Roof Brighton

Spray Foam Insulation Brighton Service

Property owners up and down the country have been enjoying Warmaroof’s services for many years, employing our duteous teams and making great long term savings with our energy efficient products.

The focus of this piece is to talk about our spray foam insulation Brighton service, which protects residents of our beloved south-coast city from the chilly sea-breeze.

What is spray foam insulation?

In the past, it was common to use those big itchy fiberglass batts to insulate your loft space or wall cavities. But not any more, the popular method is now spray foam. Coming in either closed cell or open cell format. Spray foam insulation acts as a barrier against mould, condensation and air. It is light, structurally supportive and good to the environment. As it is water blown and contains no CFCs or HCFCs.

We are using BASF foam insulation for our Spray Foam Insulation Roof Brighton service. which expands up to 100 times its original liquid form. And is perfect for walls, floors and roofs to guarantee an airtight fit.

Why is our spray foam insulation Brighton service so effective?

Living by the coast creates unique problems, such as windblown rain and salt spray. As well as bitterly cold winters, and the possibility of extra humidity in the summer. Being a historical city, Brighton has a lot of wood used as a construction material in many of the old buildings. Making them even more vulnerable to the additional moisture in the air.

For lofts, which often have a timber frame, windblown rain can create real issues, as even the smallest leak can create a huge rotting or mould problem. It’s been proven that people in coastal cities are more likely to experience damp-related illnesses. but this is completely preventable. With our spray foam insulation, we can stop this from happening. by creating airtight seals that prevent damp areas forming and protect your beloved home for many years to come.

What are the benefits of spray foam insulation?

Here are just a few of our favourite BASF spray foam perks:

  • No cold spots – BASF Foam Insulation expands exponentially. And fills those hard-to-reach spots that other insulation types simply can’t access without removing wall sections.
  • Airtight – The perfect seal means that there are no gaps left around the edges. And the material is durable to prevent any tears.
  • Consistent temperatures – BASF foam insulation keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Allowing you to autonomously regulate home temperatures.
  • Reduced energy usage leads to lower bills – Our Spray Foam Insulation Roof Brighton service has helped to lower utility bills for many coastal homeowners. Heat energy is kept within the home, meaning less work for your heating system. Once it takes less time to warm the home, the heating does not need to continue working to maintain this temperature. This can help you halve your heating bills.
  • 25-year warranty – A large percentage of the BASF Foam Insulation applied in new properties over the last couple of decades will exist for as long as the building (if not longer). Which is why we have complete trust in the material and offer our spray foam insulation Brighton service customers a 25-year warranty!

Why you need to get in touch immediately

We listen to our customers and make them feel really cared for. In fact, we designed our service based on the feedback we received. Which means you can be guaranteed:

  • Experienced industry professionals with all of the training and licenses required
  • No middle men, when you book with us, we send our own guys
  • We specialize in coastal properties and are actually based in Southampton
  • The savings made from spray foam insulation will help you in the long run!
  • We have all of the required licenses and ISO standards. Cleaned and maintained equipment, and high levels of customer service and aftercare

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