Spray Foam Insulation Roof Norwich

Spray foam insulation Norwich service

Are you feeling those chilly winters and are ready to accept that it’s time to bulk up the home insulation? Great! We’ve got you covered. Our industry-experienced professionals are ready to install our world-renowned BASF foam insulation to your home. We take care, due diligence and try to educate our customers about the benefits of using an environmentally friendly home insulation material.

This page is a resource designed to explain the Spray Foam Insulation Roof Norwich service, what material we use, what the benefits are, how it works, and why are leading the Norwich market for home insulation services.

What is spray foam insulation?

We are using a closed cell polyurethane based liquid foam solution.

What this means, in non-technical terms, is that the once the liquid is applied (through an eco-friendly water blowing technique), it will expand up to 100x its original size into a closed membrane, denying anything, like liquid or air, from passing through it. Polyurethane is safe from CFCs and HCFCs, and will not harm you, your family or the environment.

The foam insulation can be quite dense once it’s settled, which is great news for the structure of your property, as it provides extra support against the elements.

Why is spray foam insulation better than other types of insulation?

We believe BASF foam insulation to be the best option on the market. Of course, if there was something better, we’d be using that instead. Here’s why:

  • No cold spots
    • Fibreglass batts, for example, are the most common insulation type, and one of the least effective, as they collapse over time, giving an uneven insulation thickness that allows for weak and cold spots to appear.
  • Airtight
    • The problem remains with other insulation types that they do not guarantee a seal between the insulation and the walls, roof, floor or beams, meaning cold air has the opportunity to enter, and warm air has the opportunity to escape. Our foam insulation removes this threat.
  • Consistent all year round
    • Foam insulation essentially acts as a barrier for air, meaning hot air cannot come and go, as much as cold air cannot come and go. This means your home is cool in the summer, and warm in the winter!
  • The biggest energy bill saver
    • Our Spray Foam Insulation Roof Norwich service is proven to slash your heating bills by up to 50%. This is because it reduces the pressure put on your boiler. Your home heats up in less time and does not have to work as hard to maintain that heat.
  • Eco-friendly
    • Help your pocket, help your home, and help the environment at the same time. Our materials do not harm the Earth, and there are no nasty gases or toxins released at any stage. Some insulation types are a nightmare for our planet.
  • 25-year warranty
    • We trust our BASF foam insulation so much that we offer a quarter-of-a-century guarantee in case anything goes wrong. The truth is, unlike many other insulation types, foam insulation could outlive your property!

Why choose the Spray Foam Insulation Norwich Service?

We’ve listened to our valued customers around Norwich and found the key things that they want from an insulation team. We’ve gone on to integrate those learnings into our service model, which means:

No middlemen – If you book with us, you work with us – no outsourcing or subcontracted jobs!

Experienced professionals – Our teams are built up of experienced industry professionals who come with all of the licenses and training required.

Lower energy bills – We will explain how to manage your heating better to maximise your heating bill savings, and pay back your insulation quicker than ever!

Great care taken – We have all of the required licenses and ISO standards, cleaned and maintained equipment, and region-leading levels of customer service and aftercare.

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