Energy saving tips for businesses


Energy Saving Tips For Businesses

The largest number of enquiries we receive here at NDEPC come from businesses who wish to be more energy efficient so that they can improve their Energy Performance Certificate rating. Knowing how much misinformation there is out there, we have put together our top 10 energy saving tips for businesses.


Establish Energy Efficient Practices

If you want your business premises to be more energy efficient, it comes down to the actions that taken by the people using the building. Generally, this means the people who are working there.

To establish energy efficient practices, it’s a good idea to hold a meeting, send out an email to those concerned and put up some ‘best practice’ information on posters.

You can advise on some good ideas, such as:

● Turning the lights off when you leave an empty room, or turning off the office lights if you are the last one there at the end of the day.

● Checking every few months to make sure you’re getting good rates from a trustworthy energy supplier, or consider switching to a renewable energy provider.

● Managing your energy better during peak times and off-peak times, to make sure you’re not overspending or overusing.

● Setting up hibernate/sleep modes on computers that are not in constant use.


Switch to LED lighting

LED lights are an energy-saving gifthorse, as they require just 6w, where a traditional bulb may require 60w, giving you a 90% energy reduction. LED lights may not be as powerful, but if you place them in the right positions and take advantage of the natural light available, they will do the job just fine.


Have an Energy Assessment performed by NDEPC

Our team of energy assessors are well trained in the art of energy saving, as they want buildings to perform better. Our service will send one of our experts to audit the site, and they will use their information and evidence to advise on the best changes to be made. This is a really worthwhile activity, as it means you are making the right changes towards an EPC improvement.


Aim for a paperless office

Printing and photocopy machines use a lot of energy, especially the large units that designed for the whole office. The truth is, in the digital era, we don’t need to print so much, we can do most things digitally. Whilst a paperless office may seem impossible, it’s not, however, striving to get to a paperless position is going to reduce your energy consumption a lot, and may drive better corporate behaviour in other departments too.

Our energy saving tips designed to be easy to implement, but this one won’t happen overnight, it will take time and effective strategies to accomplish this culture change.


Programmable thermostats

Managing your heating energy efficiently is one way to really reduce bills, cut costs and use less power. Thermostats nowadays are way more intuitive than they use to be, with Smart controls that are managed from your mobile phone. Heat the office for the arrival of your teams, and make it switch off a while before they leave. Manage the heat better in winter, and use it minimally in the summer.


Energy Star appliances

Old equipment is terribly inefficient, and as it churns and hums away in the background, what you don’t realise is that new appliances are designed to help lower your bills. Technology has come a long way, and when it comes to hardware and white goods, you can make drastic savings by switching over. Of course, there’s an investment to be made, and the costs have to be justified, but lifetime savings often cancel out the initial investment and can make it very worthwhile.


Solar panels

Take the power of the sun to help your business run! Solar panels are an awesome innovation that allow you to cut your energy bills and help the environment at the same time, what could be better? Of course, they’re not cheap, but there are often cash-back incentives, tax breaks and reselling schemes for surplus energy, meaning they are less financially daunting than in the past.

To simplify, if you create half of your own energy, you only have the other half to worry about, you’re already 50% of the way!


Get staff to work from home, sometimes

One idea that has been proposed by many energy saving authorities, is to get your staff to work from home some days. This is a lot easier for people working in marketing or graphic design, or other purely laptop-based activities. If you can get 25% of your staff working from home, you have a chance to reduce your energy usage by a quarter, in theory.


HVAC improvements, upgrades or tuning

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, and these three things are responsible for a considerable amount of energy in your business. The bigger the appliance, often, the more energy it uses, and in terms of energy saving tips for businesses, there are few greater than getting an expert in to tune them up, clean them out, or install upgrades.

Consider that your HVAC is generally as old as the building – technology for reducing energy has come a long way since then. It may be time for a 21st century update.


Insulation and draught proofing

Heat energy will look for any opportunity to escape, so give it fewer chances and you’ll find that your building stays warmer for longer, while using less energy.

This could mean a combination of insulation, draught proofing strips and double (or triple) glazing, which can all save you a lot of energy over the years. Draught proofing is something you can do today, for very cheap, whereas insulation and glazing are larger investments that must face a bit more thought. However, regardless of the cost, they will certainly save you energy.



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